Wexford Opera House hosting Eishtec Open Day

Eishtec have received an overwhelming response to our recent announcement of 250 new jobs for our new office in Wexford Town. As  a result, we are going to have an Open Day early in the New Year in the Wexford Opera House on Thursday the 3rd of January from 10am -8pm, and on Friday the 4th of January from 10am – 5pm.

The Open Day will give you an opportunity to come and talk to the existing staff in Eishtec, ask any questions you may have and potentially have a first round interview if you desire.

Please bear in mind the recruitment for the 250 positions will be on going throughout the year and will not be limited to the two open days. If you have not had the opportunity to apply for a position within our Wexford office then please submit your application here.

Based on the response so far we are expecting a high turnout so please bear with us on the day.